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  • Can I use your pigments with my cartridge tattoo machine?

    You can use any machine or microblade with Perma Blend.
  • What is the shelf life?

    3 years unopened; 1 year after opened.
  • How long does the ink typically last in the skin?

    This depends on the client and their lifestyle. Anywhere from 1.5 – 3 years.
  • Is it permanent or semi-permanent?

    Any implementation of color in the skin is considered permanent. No PMU is considered semi-permanent. On average Perma Blend pigments last about 1.5 to 3 years.
  • Are they the same as tattoo inks?

    They are the same, they are just formulated differently to allow for a ‘fade factor’.
  • Does Perma Blend have titanium dioxide in it?

    Yes, most of our colors contain titanium dioxide. Which is not a concern, because all of the colors are balanced. Download our SDS sheets here.
  • Can it be removed?

    Yes. Saline is the best option.
  • Will it turn grey?

    As long as the right color is chosen for the client, they should not turn grey.
  • Do Perma Blend pigments contain iron oxides?

    Some. We are a blend of inorganic and organic pigments. There is nothing wrong with Iron Oxides; they have a high light fastness number which helps them not to fade. Download our SDS sheets here.
  • Do the pigments contain nickel?

    No heavy metals are used in the production of Perma Blend. Download our SDS sheets here.
  • What makes this line last longer than other PMU lines?

    All of the colors are highly concentrated. The pigment ingredients are comprised of the absolute highest quality pigments with the highest lightfastness rating for maximum color stability and performance.
  • What is the lightfastness rating?

    Lightfastness refers to the chemical stability of a pigment under long exposure to light. More info can be found here.
  • How long has Perma Blend been tested in the skin for safety?

    Perma Blend has been tested and used for over 4 years now and has over 40 years of ink manufacturing experience behind it.
  • Is Perma Blend safe for new artists to use?

    Yes, if trained properly. It is a line for professionals.
  • Will these pigments turn red, orange, blue, or purple?

    No. This is because of the balance of colors, high-quality ingredients, attention paid to lightfastness and concentration. They will only become a lighter version of the original color.
  • Is it carbon based?

    Yes, Perma Blend is carbon based. Most colors contain TD and carbon to make the pigments more stable.
  • Which is darker: Eyeliner Black or Double Black?

    Both are carbon and should only be used by experienced artists. Double Black contains more carbon than Eyeliner Black.
  • Should an artist be worried about black eyeliners being carbon?

    The carbon based eyeliner should be used by experienced artists only. Please use caution.
  • Is a client at higher risk for migration because the eyeliners are carbon?

    The carbon based eyeliner should be used by experienced artists only. Please use caution.
  • Are the pigments cool, warm, or neutral?

    It is listed in the pigment descriptions.
  • Are they U.S. products?

    Yes, our warehouse is in Fort Mill, SC.
  • What is the difference between thin and thick shading solution, and what is it used for?

    Not much. The Thick Shading Solution has glycerin to make it a tiny bit thicker. Shading Solution is used to lessen the pigment load.
  • What are the ingredients?

    The ingredients are a combination of Powdered Pigments, Sterile Aqua, Rosin, Glycerin, Witch Hazel, Isopropyl Alcohol and Benzyl Alcohol. It is gamma-ray sterilized, vegan, and cruelty-free.
  • What will prevent these colors from changing/shifting colors over time?

    The balanced formulation will prevent this colors from shifting.
  • Are these approved in the EU?

    Yes, you can view CTL Certificates here or you can download them here.
  • Can you mix Perma Blend pigments together?

    We recommend no more than 2; plus a modifier, if needed.
  • Can you cover old tattoos with Perma Blend pigments?

    Yes, depending on the level of saturation of the pigment.
  • Can you use brow colors as eyeliner and vice-versa?

  • Is Perma Blend pre-modified?

    No, Perma Blend is not pre-modified.

    The only product in Perma Blend Pigments that is pre-modified is the Tina Davies ‘I ❤️ Ink’ Range.

  • Is it necessary to modify?

    You may have to modify it depends on the clients skin undertone.
  • Is the Tina Davies set pre-modified?

    Yes, the Tina Davies ‘I ❤️ Ink' Range is pre-modified. The rest of Perma Blend is not.
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FAQ – Tones Of Perma Blend

  • I noticed on the Clinical Academy website that it says that they are pre-modified. Is it ‘pre-modified’ in the same way that Tina Davies is? And how would you define pre-modified with that in mind?

    They are pre modified in that, we have warmed most (With the exception of Diamond Pearl) of the pigments up as 99.9% of clients are cool in terms of permanent make up. But these are unique as we have told you how much they have been warmed. On the Colour Rulers we refer to this as Warmth Value – The scale for this is 0-5. So for instance Red Riding Hood has a Warmth Value of 5, so really warm whilst Diamond Pearl has a Warmth Value of 0, no wamth. We tell you the warmth value so that if you get an extremely cool client and you wish to use a lower Warmth Value pigment, you can bespoke add extra warmth for this client. This way you stay in control of the warmth as an artist.
  • Are the Tones of Perma Blend as warm as the TD pigments? What is the effect of this?

    They are a totally different pigment range and you will find them very true to colour immediately once in the skin and once healed. Clients need warmth to stop the brows turning ashy in the skin over time.
  • Is Red Hot considered a modifier or pigment colour?

    It is yes. We have made this very warm so you can just add 1-2 drops for a huge warmth injection for darker very cool skin types so as not to lighten your dark colours too much. The other kits have similar such as Red Riding Hood (kit 1) and Trusty Rusty (kit 2) but you can use these alone also. Red Hot is the only colour you probably wouldn’t use alone unless you were correcting.
  • Is the retention rate similar to all other Perma Blend Products?

    Same great quality and retention. We have given added educational value to these as we felt this was what was being asked by so many across the world.
  • Are these pigments for machine only?

    These pigments are manufactured for machine and for microblading. They can be used alongside the whole Perma Blend range.
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